Aggregation Prof. Jorge Queiroz

It is with great pleasure that we communicate the Aggregation Tests in Agrarian Sciences of Prof. Jorge Queiroz, integrated Researcher at GreenUPorto, which took place in FCUP, on July 19 and 20.

The tests were carried out in the best possible way, with the candidate being unanimously approved.
Congratulations to Prof. Jorge Queiroz and GreenUPorto, which has another researcher with the highest academic degree.

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Team promoted by GreenUPorto researchers distinguished with 3rd place at the ECOTROPHELIA Portugal 2021 Award

Team MochiPortugal presented their product (LusoMochi) at the final of the ECOTROPHELIA Portugal 2021 Award, being distinguished with the 3rd place

On the afternoon of June 29th, at Casa do Vinho Verde (Porto), the awards cerimony of the 5th edition of the ECOTROPHELIA Portugal 2021 Award took place. This is an iniciative that oughts to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, competitiveness in the agri-food sector, challenging students, professors, researchers and industry professionals to reflect and create the eco-innovative products of the future.

The competition brought together a total of 27 teams, with 5 of the 10 finalist teams made up of students from FCUP – Legumiscas, MochiPortugal, Norteggie, Os Togrões and Pro-Omega. The MochiPortugal team, which presented the LusoMochi product (glutinous rice pasta filled with salted chestnut ice cream and quince jelly core), was awarded 3rd place in the final. The team is made up of students from the Masters in Consumer and Nutrition Sciences (FCUP/FCNAUP) and their participation in the ECOTROPHELIA Portugal 2021 competition was promoted by FCUP teachers and GreenUPorto researchers Luís Miguel Cunha, Susana Caldas Fonseca and José Carlos Ribeiro, within the scope of the Curricular Unit of Sensory Analysis and Development of New Products, of the Masters in Science of Consumption and Nutrition (MCCN) and in Food Technology and Science (MTCA).

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Work developed within the Summer School of GreenUPorto, distinguished among the oral communications presente at IJUP 2021

Presentation of the study "Application of the defatting process as an enhancer of the sensory profile and level of acceptance of snack bars with incorporation of Tenebrio molitor powder" distinguished as one of the best oral communications in the "Agrofood & Environment" panel.

The oral communication presented by the student Carla Santos, entitled “Application of the defatting process as an enhancer of the sensory profile and level of acceptance of snack bars with incorporation of Tenebrio molitor powder”, is part of the list of Distinguished Works of the recent IJUP 2021, among the oral communications submitted to the “Agrofood & Environment” panel . The aforementioned work was developed in the context of the student’s master’s thesis in Consumption and Nutrition Sciences as as part of  Summer School – “Hands on Sustainable Agrifood Production: from soil to fork”, organized by GreenUPorto and financed by FCT, under the guidance of Prof. Luís Miguel Cunha and in collaboration with José Carlos Ribeiro, GreenUPorto researcher and PhD student.

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GreenUPorto researchers promote participation of 5 finalist teams of the ECOTROPHELIA Portugal 2021

It was announced at May 31st the list of finalist teams of the ECOTROPHELIA Portugal 2021 award. Five products developed from teams of the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto (FCUP), with the support from GreenUPorto researchers, are among the 10 finalists of the ECOTROPHELIA Portugla 2021 award, iniciative promoted by Portugal Foods.

It was announced at May 31st, the list of finalist teams of the ECOTROPHELIA Portugal 2021 award, with 5 products developed by teams from FCUP being among the 10 finalists. The participation of the teams was promoted by FCUP teachers and GreenUPorto researchers Luís Miguel Cunha, Susana Caldas Fonseca e José Carlos Ribeiro, in the context of the class “Sensory Analysis and Development of New Products” of the Master Degrees Food Consumption and Nutrition Sciences (MCCN) and Food Science and Technology (MTCA). The finalists will attend the final which will be at June 29 in Casa do Vinho Verde (Porto).

Team| Product: LEGUMISCAS | Pataniscas vegan, ultracongeladas com farinha de grão-de-bico e uma diversidade de legumes

Team| Product: MOCHIPORTUGAL | LucoMochi – Massa de arroz glutinoso com recheio de gelado de castanha salgada e núcleo de geleia de marmelo

Team| Product: NORTEGGIE | AL’CAST – Almôndega de castanha portuguesa congelada, inovação vegan, fonte de fibra com baixo teor de gordura

Team| Product: OS TOGRÕES | Torrão de grão de bico e casca de laranja – Snack doce composto por casca de laranja e grão de bico, com uma aparência irresistível e crocante

Team| Product: PRO-ÓMEGA | Filete vegan de tremoço – Filete vegan de tremoço com linhaça, resíduo de levedura de cerveja, temperado com garam masala

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GreenUPorto participates in the launch of a course that will address scenarios of contamination by Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)

As part of the European Project RadoNorm, the course will be held in Porto and Aveiro, from 30th of August to 10th of September 2021


Within the scope of the EU-Project RadoNorm (, GreenUPorto, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto and University of Aveiro have organized and will offer a theoretical and practical course on laboratory techniques and standardized tests to be applied in scenarios contaminated by Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM). The course will also focus on the advantages of applying optical technologies and genotoxicity and cytotoxicity parameters in environmental risk assessment schemes. This course will take place between 30th of August and 10th of September 2021, and will be lectured by renowned scientists from Europe and Japan. For more information, please consult the program and additional information about the course.

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The Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, visited GreenUPorto and CIBIO InBIO at Campus de Vairão

As part of an initiative of the BIOPOLIS project, the visit included a session that brought together the Minister and Researchers from both Research Centers in the debate on science in Portugal


Last Friday, GreenUPorto opened its doors to the visit of Minister Manuel Heitor, who was received with enthusiasm at Campus de Vairão. Researchers from GreenUPorto guided the visit through the Research Center facilities, showing some of their projects. The visit culminated with an open-air debate session, next to the old agricultural museum, on the state of scientific research in Portugal.

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European Project VISCA from FCUP among the key-projects within the EU strategy against climate change

VISCA was distinguished by the EU for its importance in the adaptation of the agricultural sector to the global climate crisis

Led at FCUP by Jorge Queiroz, professor in the Department of Geosciences, Environment and Spatial Plannings (DGAOT) and researcher at GreenUPorto, this project was distinguished for its contribution “for a sustainable and resilient wine production” and for the “European strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change ”,“ forging a Climatically Resilient Europe ”.

“VISCA aimed to develop a Decision Support System (VISCA DSS) which, integrating climate, agricultural services and viticultural practices, would provide wine producers with a software integrating the information they need to better adapt to the conditions of climate change and thus guarantee a better wine “, explains the FCUP/GreenUPorto researcher.

GreenUPorto members Susana Carvalho, Anabela Carneiro, Ana Aguiar and Inês Cabral were also part of the FCUP research team involved in this project, whose work incided in the Douro wine region, in collaboration with the Port wine company “Symington Family Estates ”.

VISCA was funded by the Horizon 2020 program and also involved researchers from Spain (coordinating country), Italy, France and England.

Find out more about VISCA on the project website (

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Sustainable Agrifood Production Seminars

The seminars from GreenUPorto are back, and now in online mode

This initiave, which began in 2019, returns with two seminars that will be held in 17 March, wednesday, at 14:30 GMT. The researchers Tânia Fernandes and João Oliveira-Pacheco, which have joined GreenUPorto recently, will be the speakers presenting their research about the control of the fungus Fusarium oxysporum in tomato and about the genotype and phenotype of the fungus Candida tropicalis, respectively.

You can access the sinopsis of the first presentation entitled “The role of pH on control of Fusarium wilt on tomato” and the sinopsis of the second presentation entitled “Genotype and phenotype diversity of Candida tropicalis isolates” to know a little more, beforehand, what both researchers will tell us about.

The seminars will be held online, via ZOOM. To access the event, on the scheduled date and time, use this link.


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GreenUPorto is coordinating an ERASMUS+ KA project aimed at the creation of an international master course on precision agriculture

The University of Porto researchers Ruth Pereira (GreenUPorto/FCUP), Susana Carvalho (GreenUPorto/FCUP), Anabela Cachada (CIIMAR/FCUP), Verónica Nogueira (CIIMAR/FCUP), Sofia Oliveira (GreenUPorto/FCUP) and Tânia Fernandes (GreenUPorto) are collaborating in a European project aimed at developing a master course that will train students to work on the rising field of precision agriculture


Agriculture dates back to thousands of years ago: even the ancient Egyptians were engaged in large scale farming. Nonetheless, the agriculture industry has evolved immensely over time, fueled by the new scientific discoveries and the consequent technological developments. Precision agriculture is among the newest advancements in this sector. It consists of using the latest technology to monitor crops and the surrounding environmental conditions in real-time with the ultimate aim of supporting better management decisions to boost crop productivity and sustainability. Its growing popularity among farmers alongside its rising market demand created the need for professionals with a dual background in agriculture and in IoT (Internet of Things) engineering. To address this market gap, University of Porto researchers are coordinating the project TERRATECH – masTERs course on smArt Agriculture TECHnologies, which intends to launch an advanced international master course that provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to work on the field of precision agriculture.

TERRATECH started in November 2020 as a partnership between University of Porto (Portugal), International Hellenic University (Greece), University of Debrecen (Hungary), University Pompeu Fabra (Spain), Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Italy), Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (Latvia), Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (Greece), Cerca Trova Ltd (Bulgaria), ECQA GmbH (Austria), Evolutionary Archetypes Consulting SL (Spain), Ktima Filippou- Schoinoplokakis (Greece), AgriWatch BV (Netherlands), Agroop Lda (Portugal), and Regional Federation of CUMA of the West (France). This project was funded by the Erasmus+ Programme “Knowledge Alliances” (Project Number: 621568-EPP-1-2020-1-PT-EPPKA2-KA). More information and updates are available at TERRATECH’s website here.

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COPPEREPLACE, an International Project that will reduce copper use in vineyards

GreenUPorto and other partners from Portugal, Spain and France will work on this R&D + i Project, financed by the Interreg SUDOE program which provided over 1 million euros


GreenUPorto integrates the consortium of 13 institutions from Portugal, Spain and France from the wine sector, which are joining forces to significantly reduce copper use in viticulture, thus decreasing the environmental impact in wine production.

COPPEREPLACE is a R&D + i Project led by the Spanish Wine Technological Platform and financed by the Interreg SUDOE program, an innovative initiative which focuses on providing integrated and sustainable solutions, aligned with eco-friendly production methods in Europe. In this regard, COPPEREPLACE will be developed from November 2020 to February 2023 (28 months), and counts with a solid international consortium composed by ADVID (Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Viticultura Duriense, Portugal), the French Institute of Vine and Wine (IFV, France), the Portuguese company Sogrape Vinhos, the technology company CVAN (Centro de Valorização Ambiental do Norte), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC-UMA), Vignerons Bio Nouvelle Aquitaine (SVBNA; France), EURECAT Foundation (Spain), the Familia Torres Foundation (Spain), University of Porto (GreenUPorto), University of Vigo (Spain), LBS (the Gérard Bertrand Group; France), the company Jean Leon (Spain) and the Spanish Wine Technological Platform, in the lead. Moreover, the consortium counts with the support from the consultancy agency Artica Ingeniería e Innovación (artica+i) as the project´s technical office, providing support in the development as well as in the technical-economic monitoring and justification of the Project.

COPPEREPLACE will create a stakeholders network which will integrate growers and other players of the viticulture international sector, with the objective of involving all agents interested in the project so that they can contribute with knowledge and experience.

The Project has a total budget over 1.6 million euros and has received more than 1 million euros from the Interreg SUDOE financing program.

For more information about COPPEREPLACE, you can visit the Project website here.

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GreenUPorto and iB2, LAQV-REQUIMTE organize the forum "Plant Pest and Diseases Forum: Redefining concepts, mechanisms and management tools"

The event will take place on 24th March 2021, via Zoom

Plant Stress lab (GreenUPorto) and Integrative Biology and Biotechnology lab (iB2, LAQV-REQUIMTE) from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, Portugal, have the pleasure to announce the Plant Pest and Diseases Forum: Redefining concepts, mechanisms and management tools, on the 24th of March 2021 (via Zoom). Aiming to get a broader scope and audience, this forum will also be integrated within the EUGLOH network, a consortium of five European Universities []. This will be the first of three yearly organized International Conferences on plant stress management. By contacting top researches in the fields of plant and pest sciences, this forum will be designed to an international audience with the participation of nine relevant key-note speakers on the topic. Furthermore, an opportunity for early-career researches and/or post-graduate students to present their works, either as oral or e-poster presentations, will take place in this event. More info at the website Registration is open and is free-of-charge!

Registration here.

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CROPEO project at the final of the Prize of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2020, organized by the financing agency Crédito Agrícola

The CROPEO project is in the strict group of twelve finalists of the 7th Prize of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2020 (Crédito Agrícola), which distinguishes innovative projects on the sectors of agriculture, agroindustry and forestry. This project aims at improving protection against pests and diseases in stored cereals, with special focus on corn grains. In the project´s framework, it was developed a device for encapsulation of essential oils with activity against insects and fungal diseases, allowing a slow and controlled release of their volatile compounds, thus representing a sustainable solution which ensures food safety in developing countries with limited access to resources for protection of stored cereals.

The CROPEO project was developed within a Portuguese consortium, including the participation of ISA of the University of Lisbon (R&D unit – LEAF), Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (FEUP; R&D unit – LEPABE) and INIAV, and counted with the collaboration from GreenUPorto (Laboratory of Crop Protection).

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Closing Webinar of the EU-Project AgriNuPes

AgriNuPes – Integrated monitoring and control of water, nutrients and plant protection products towards a sustainable agricultural sector’ Closing Webinar took place on the 4th December 2020 with a one-day program including presentations from each Work Package Coordinator as well as communications from researchers of the other EU-ongoing projects under the framework of efficient use of water (REWATER, WATER4EVER, OPERA and POTENTIAL). This webinar was also enriched with the participation of Dr. Esther Diez Cebollero as representative of Water Joint Programming Initiative (Water JPI), a world reference inter-governmental program in the scope of sustainable use of water.

AgriNuPes ( is an EU-Project financed under the ERA-NET Cofund WaterWorks2015 call (integral part of the 2016 Joint Activities developed by Water JPI) and coordinated by the Portuguese research institution INESC-TEC. The project AgriNuPes began in 2017 and had the participation of FCUP/GreenUPorto and other international entities, namely the Turkish Water Institute (SUEN), EGE University, EGE Life Sciences (Turkey), the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE, Sweden), Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands) and the Spanish company Riegos y Tecnología S. L. (RITEC, Spain), dedicated to water use efficiency in agriculture. This international consortium has been developing a sensing system consisting in NPK optical sensors and biosensors for detection of residues of phytopharmaceutical products, to be integrated in smart systems for supporting irrigation management in agriculture. FCUP/GreenUPorto is responsible for WP5 – Cascade ReUse Systems, which aims at assessing the suitability and impact of these production systems on water/drainage quality, soil quality and at plant level. In the closing webinar, the prototype sensors developed were presented and all the outcomes from more than three years of research were disseminated, including regional case studies which aimed at assessing the applicability of the sensors and the adequacy of the production systems commonly utilized nowadays.

The webinar detailed program is available here.

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GreenUPorto hosted a Summerschool on sustainable agrifood production

The project was financed under the scope of the program "Summer with Science” promoted by the FCT in collaboration with DGES

From July to October 2020, a Summerschool entitled “Hands on Sustainable Agrifood Production: from soil to fork” was hosted by GreenUPorto, involving students in scientific projects related to sustainable agrifood production. Under the scope of the program “Summer with Science”, promoted by the Portuguese public agency Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) in collaboration with the Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES), GreenUPorto research center had a group of students working in the fields of Biology, Agricultural Sciences and Consumer Sciences and Nutrition.

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Oral communication by research fellow Saul Fernandes was honoured in IJUP 2020 meeting

Presentation of the study "Induction of bystander effect by different contaminants on soil oligochaetes" was considered the best in the "Agrifood and Environment" panel

Research fellow Saul Fernandes explained the phenomenon known as bystander effect, in which genetic damages observed in organisms can be communicated to other living beings, not themselves exposed to stress agents. Saul Fernades talked about the results obtained by the research team he is working on, which have demonstrated, for the first time, the bystander effect between earthworms and enchytraeids exposed to cadmium.
The oral communication took place during the 13th Meeting of Young Researchers of U. Porto (IJUP 2020), held in Februrary 2020, in Porto.

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GreenUPorto and INESC TEC signed a protocol

The goal is to strengthen the collaboration in the Agriculture 4.0 framework

Read more here.

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22 Sep. 2021

Sustainable Agrifood Production Seminars (online, via ZOOM; 14h30)

1st presentation: "Kiwifruit bacterial canker: developing sustainable management tools for the mitigation of a pandemic disease" (PhD student Miguel Santos, GreenUPorto) // 2nd presentation: "Sensory evaluation and wellbeing perception related to low-glycemic index rice products" (PhD student Diva Cabral, GreenUPorto) Read more here (

17 Jun. 2021 – 18 Jun. 2021

Iberian Congress "Soil and Sustainable Development: Challenges and Solutions"

Submission of proposals for posters or oral communications can be made until the 15th of May. More information (in Portuguese and Spanish) at the Congress website (link below)

26 May. 2021

Sustainable Agrifood Production Seminars (online, via ZOOM; 14h30)

1st presentation: "Sensory and consumer perspective of edible insects" (PhD student José Carlos Ribeiro, GreenUPorto) // 2nd presentation: "Exploring the potential of different Catharanthus roseus cultivars as alkaloid sources and their responses to N-UV light irradiation" (PhD student Marisa Lourenço, GreenUPorto). Read more here (

13 May. 2021

Digital Pre-Congress on Viticulture (Preceeding the 'VII International Congress of Mountain and Steep Slope Viticulture') – Online

The event will be held online and registration is free of charge. Please visit the website of the event for registration and more information.

28 Apr. 2021

Sustainable Agrifood Production Seminars (online, via ZOOM; 14h30)

1st presentation: Effects of plant protection products application on the quality of vineyard soils from Douro Region (PhD student Beatriz Fernandes, GreenUPorto) // 2nd presentation: Unravelling plant tolerance mechanisms to the pandemic bacterium Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae (Marta Nunes da Silva, GreenUPorto). Read more here (

24 Mar. 2021

Plant Pest and Diseases Forum: Redefining concepts, mechanisms and management tools

This forum, organized by Plant Stress lab (GreenUPorto) and Integrative Biology and Biotechnology lab (iB2, LAQV-REQUIMTE) from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, will be held via Zoom. Registration is open and is free-of-charge! Registration in the link below.

Sustainable Agrifood Production Seminars (online, via ZOOM; 14h30)

1st presentation: "Evaluation of the impact of the oral microbiome on the sensory perception" (PhD student Tiago Silva, GreenUPorto) // 2nd presentation: "Exploiting strawberry responses to more sustainable nutritional regimes" (Estudante de Doutoramento Maling Wang, GreenUPorto). Read more here (