Team promoted by GreenUPorto researchers distinguished with 3rd place at the ECOTROPHELIA Portugal 2021 Award

Team MochiPortugal presented their product (LusoMochi) at the final of the ECOTROPHELIA Portugal 2021 Award, being distinguished with the 3rd place

On the afternoon of June 29th, at Casa do Vinho Verde (Porto), the awards cerimony of the 5th edition of the ECOTROPHELIA Portugal 2021 Award took place. This is an iniciative that oughts to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, competitiveness in the agri-food sector, challenging students, professors, researchers and industry professionals to reflect and create the eco-innovative products of the future.

The competition brought together a total of 27 teams, with 5 of the 10 finalist teams made up of students from FCUP – Legumiscas, MochiPortugal, Norteggie, Os Togrões and Pro-Omega. The MochiPortugal team, which presented the LusoMochi product (glutinous rice pasta filled with salted chestnut ice cream and quince jelly core), was awarded 3rd place in the final. The team is made up of students from the Masters in Consumer and Nutrition Sciences (FCUP/FCNAUP) and their participation in the ECOTROPHELIA Portugal 2021 competition was promoted by FCUP teachers and GreenUPorto researchers Luís Miguel Cunha, Susana Caldas Fonseca and José Carlos Ribeiro, within the scope of the Curricular Unit of Sensory Analysis and Development of New Products, of the Masters in Science of Consumption and Nutrition (MCCN) and in Food Technology and Science (MTCA).