SPIE UP Scientific Meeting: Advances in Non-Destructive Sub-Surface Optical Imaging using Low-Coherence InterferometrySPIE UP Scientific Meeting | 10 janeiro às 13:30 | FC3 -120

The University of Porto SPIE Student Chapter will have the pleasure to host a new Scientific Meeting.

Date: Wednesday, January 10th, 2024

Time: 13h30 (Coffee)

         14h00 (Talk)

Duration: 1h45

Local: FC3 -120 (Department of Physics and Astronomy)

Author: Dr. Manuel Marques

Applied Optics Group, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, United KingdomTitle: Advances in Non-Destructive Sub-Surface Optical Imaging using Low-Coherence Interferometry

Abstract: Embark on a technical journey into the realm of non-destructive sub-surface optical imaging, utilising low-coherence interferometry. This presentation highlights the collaborative efforts of the Applied Optics Group at the University of Kent, offering a detailed exploration of our research endeavours. We will discuss the intricacies and recent developments in low-coherence interferometry, and its imaging counterpart, optical coherence tomography (OCT). From clinical and research applications in the biomedical sciences to non-destructive testing in industrial settings, this talk will provide a technical perspective on our methodologies and findings.