IFIMUP students awarded at IJUP

IFIMUP young students were present in this year edition of IJUP (Youth Research at the University of Porto) from 6 to 8 of May, being a strong presence in the Physics and Engineering sessions. Furthermore, two students were awarded with best Oral Presentation in Math, Physics & Astronomy (Inês Ornelas) and in Engineering (Inês Batista), and one with best Poster Presentation in Physics (Andreia Silva). Inês Ornelas (top left picture) is a MSc student in Engineering physics (FCUP), under the supervision of Ana Pires and André Pereira. Inês Batista (top right) is a MSc student in Biomedical Engineering (FEUP), under the supervision of André Pereira (IFIMUP) and Cristina Martins (i3S) and collaboration of Mariana Rocha (IFIMUP). Andreia Silva (bottom) is a MSc student in Engineering physics (FCUP), under the supervision of Catarina Dias and João Ventura.

By Catarina Dias, IFIMUP

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