WISE: Widening Interdisciplinary Sustainability Education.

A new EU granted project starting in 31st December of 2015.  Coordinated by  Katarzyna Iwinska  from the Collegium Civitas of Poland, integrates four other European Partners (Portugal, Greece, Sweden and Czech Republic). The project integrates diverse tasks with the aim to improve the Education for a Sustainable Development in Higher Education. The Portuguese team, coordinated by Clara Vasconcelos, is responsible for an overview report in “Ecosystem Services, Geoethics and Biodiversity”.


A great challenge for the IAPG colleagues in an EU-Project.Geoethics is among the topic of a big European Project, started on 1st May 2015. The project is named ENVRI-Plus, it is born to develop Common Operations of Environmental. Silvia Peppoloni is the leader of the Work Package dedicated to the ethical aspects of the project. In addition, other news on geoethics come from the EMSO Research Infrastructure.