Questionnaire “Geoethics: Why, what and to whom”

Geoethics deals with the awareness of geoscientists about the ethical and social implications of their work on the interaction between human activity and the Earth system, which has a great influence on the short-term quality of life of modern society and a critical impact on humanity’s long-term survival. The International Association for Promoting Geoethics, which was established in 2012, led in 2016 to the international recognition of the Cape Town Statement on Geoethics.
According to this statement, in addition to acquiring knowledge, geoscientists should serve society and adopt ethical actions in relation to a variety of research and application areas (e.g., resources, geological and landscape heritage, anthropogenic and natural hazards and risks, water resources and the environment).

We would appreciate if you could share with us your views on Geoethics and its integration into the training process and the practice of Earth scientists.

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