Proteins of the Future: Comments from a GreenUPorto researcher in PREVENIR Magazine

José Carlos Ribeiro was the invited expert to talk about his work with alternative protein sources

Our integrated Post-Doctoral researcher José Carlos Ribeiro saw his experience with alternative protein sources, mainly with edible insects, highlighted in the latest edition of PREVENIR Magazine.

The article, written based on the opinion of José and researchers from the  Food4Sustainability Colab, the was addressed the topic of alternative protein sources, as well as the need for more sustainable alternatives compared to current sources of protein of animal origin, identifying advantages and disadvantages of each type of alternative source (e.g. proteins of vegetable origin, meat produced in the laboratory, microorganisms – microalgae, bacteria, fungi, yeast and insects). Full article available here.

José Carlos Ribeiro is a Postdoctoral Researcher at GreenUPorto. He has a degree and master’s degree in Biochemistry, having recently completed his PhD in Agricultural Sciences from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto. Its main areas of research are related to the use of insects in the food industry (consumer perception, fractionation techniques, and sensory properties) and the application of consumer perception studies and sensory analysis, with a focus on sustainability in the agri-food sector and in innovation in the sensory area.