First Edition of «GreenUPorto Open Lab»

Activities open to the general Public to interact with GreenUPorto's research activities and scientists!

Last Monday (November 2oth), we had the 1st edition of GreenUPorto Open Lab, an initiative that opened the doors of our laboratories and greenhouses to the community so they could learn about and experience our scientists’ daily research activities.

«GreenUPorto Open Lab» consists of a series of activities open to the public, particularly youngsters and students, with the goal of having people visiting our laboratories and interacting directly with our researchers and activities in Sustainable Agrifood Production.

At GreenUPorto, scientists work daily in three main lines of research that cover the life of plants “from soil to plate”: Environmental Biology (including Environmental Risk Assessment and Soil Science), Agronomy/Plant Science (including Plant Biology, Production and Post-harvest), and Food Science. From each of these lines, visitors were presented with some of the main daily activities and research objectives through real examples from our scientists who, every day, break the barriers of knowledge in Agricultural Sciences.

In each activity, visitors were able to experience and obtain answers to the following questions:

  1. What does an environmental risk assessment scientist do and, in particular, a soil microbiologist?
  2. What does a plant scientist do and, in particular, a researcher into the fungi that plague our fruits and vegetables?
  3. What does a food scientist do, and in particular, a researcher who works with edible insects?

The very engaged and interested participants had the opportunity to conduct research experiments and learn about:

  • Environmental / Soil Science, including its macro and microbiology and a contribution to the renovation of our famous Agro-Green Wall;
  • Agro / Plant Science, including their main diseases and topics related to Plant Biology, Production, and Post-Harvesting;
  • Food Science, namely seeing and experimenting with sustainable protein eating alternatives and simulating consumer tests, with a competition full of interesting smells and flavors!

You can check the full program here.

The initiative took place at campus de Vairão, in the scope of Ciência Viva‘s Science and Technology Week 2023.


Feel sorry to have missed the 1st Edition of GreenUPorto Open Lab?
Just ask us so we can plan a new edition of GreenUPorto Open Lab in collaboration with your local school or general public!

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