11th Intensive Course

5th September 2016 to 1st October 2016



     During the Intensive Course, the following subjects will be lectured by:

    1. Advanced Electronic Structure Theory 

        1.1.    Molecular Orbital Methods (course materials)
                  Coen de Graaf, Univ. Groeningen

        1.2.    Wavefunction Analysis
                  Manuel Yáñez, Univ. Autonoma Madrid

        1.3.    Valence Bond Theory
                  Fernanda Duarte, Univ. Oxford

        1.4.    Density Functional Theory (course materials)
                  Tomasz Wesolowsky, Univ. Geneva

        1.5.    Relativistic effects
                  Hélène Bolvin, Univ. Toulouse

        1.6.    Spectroscopy (course materials)
                  Teixeira Dias, Univ. Aveiro

        1.7.    Excited states, photochemistry (course materials 1 , course materials 2 , course materials 3)
                  Malgorzata Biczysko, Univ. Shanghai

    2. Molecular Dynamics Simulations

        2.1.  Classical MD
                Sérgio Sousa, Univ. Porto

        2.2.  Accelerated sampling strategies
                Fernando Fernandes, Univ. Lisbon

        2.3.  Free energy calculations
                Fernando Fernandes, Univ. Lisbon

        2.4.  Molecular Quantum Dynamics
                Graham Worth, Univ. College London

    3. Solid State Chemistry and Surfaces
                Ria Broer, Univ. Groeningen (course materials)
                Remco Havenith, Univ. Groeningen

    4. Ethics in Science (course materials)
                Ria Broer, Univ. Groeningen

    5. Hybrid QM/MM Methods
Sérgio Sousa, Univ. Porto

    6. Applied Computational Chemistry

        6.1.     Molecular Docking and Virtual Screening
                   Nuno Cerqueira, Univ. Porto

        6.2.     Protein Dynamics and Energetics
                   Pedro Fernandes, Univ. Porto

        6.3.     Enzymatic Catalysis
                   Pedro Fernandes, Univ. Porto

        6.4.     Nanotechnology
                   Alexandre Magalhães, Univ. Porto

        6.5.     Quantum Chemical Modeling of Enzymatic Catalysis
                   Fahmi Himo, Univ. Stockholm

        6.6.     Metalloproteins
                   Nino Russo, Univ. Calabria

    7. Advanced Computational Techniques 

        7.1.    Parallel Computing
                  Antonio Laganà, Univ. Perugia

        7.2.    Grid Computing
                  Antonio Laganà, Univ. Perugia

    8. Probability Tools and Uncertainty Propagation
                 Alexandre Magalhães, Univ. Porto

    9. Communication skills


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