I SEA keeps making waves: new radio interview for…

Last week, one of the principal investigators of the I SEA project, Prof. Carla Morais, gave an interview for the notorious Sci-Com radio program ’90 Seconds of Science’.

In less that two minutes, Prof. Carla briefly and brilliantly presented the main objectives and outcomes of the project to all those interested in the fields of science communication, digital media, the deep sea, among other related areas.

You can listen to the interview here:

About ’90 Seconds of Science’

Coordinated by Professors from FCSH/NOVA and ITQB NOVA, ’90 Seconds of Science’ has the objective of improving science communication and contributing to the increase of scientific literacy of the general public. The episodes feature Portuguese scientists talking about their research work and projects conducted in universities and research centers in Portugal and abroad.

The program is broadcasted daily in Antena 1, at 18h58 and repeated in the morning of the following day. The editions (Portuguese content) are available in

I SEA – from 18 to 81 (or plus)…

On February the 12th, the I SEA experience was enriched with two generations of participants: a grandmother and her granddaughter. Natália and Inês graced us with their presence and youth, setting the example of how unlimited science communication through virtual reality can be.

Invitation to the I SEA experience

Dear participant, 

It is with pleasure that we invite you to participate in a virtual reality experience developed in the context of the I SEA project. In this experience you will be able to go on an expedition to the deep-sea of the Azores, get to know its’ ecosystems, make decisions and complete missions.

Your participation will be free of charge and voluntary. The experience is individual and last for about an hour. In order to participate, tell us your
availability using the email (please send us, in case you want to, your phone number).

You can also read more information about the experience below. We are waiting for you!

  • What is it? A virtual reality experience, individual and with the duration of an hour
  • Where? Planetarium of Porto (
  • When? Until February 21
  • How? Send us an email to with your
  • Condition: Exclusive to people with 18 years or older

More informations:

920 270 949

Caro/a participante, 

É com prazer que lhe dirigimos o convite para participar numa experiência de realidade virtual, desenvolvida no âmbito do projeto I SEA. Nesta experiência poderá realizar uma expedição virtual ao mar profundo dos Açores, conhecer os seus ecossistemas, tomar decisões e completar missões.

A participação nesta experiência é voluntária e gratuita, individual e com duração média de uma hora. Para participar deverá manifestar a sua disponibilidade enviando-nos email para (indicando, caso pretenda, um contacto telefónico).

Enviamos igualmente algumas informações úteis acerca da experiência, abaixo. Esperamos por si!

  • O quê? Uma experiência de realidade virtual, individual e com duração de uma hora
  • Onde? Planetário do Porto
  • Quando? Até 21 de Fevereiro de 2020
  • Como? Envie-nos email para com a sua disponibilidade
  • Condição: Experiência exclusiva a maiores de 18 anos

Para mais informações:

920 270 949

I SEA – Final pilots

The I SEA experience has continued to be tested and improved at Planetarium, in Porto. The complete experience will be soon ready to all those who wish to take a dive into the deep sea!

I SEA piloting phase

Piloting of the I SEA experience is in development at Planetarium, in Porto. Several participants are making important contributions to the experience’s improvement. The experience will be soon available.

I SEA Communications: ICGI2019

The I SEA team has had the proposal Knowledge Analysis Automatic Evaluation in Virtual Reality Immersive Experiences accepted for the
ICGI’2019 – International Conference on Graphics and Interaction. Congratulations!