Maria João Ramos

Computational Biochemistry, University of Porto

Maria João Ramos


My research Group includes 3 Senior Researchers, 2 Post-Docs and 12 post-graduates, mostly PhD students. Most Group members have a degree in Chemistry or in Biochemistry. However, graduates from Bioinformatics, Pharmacy and Bioengineering courses are working in my lab as well. Below you can find a list of the team members that presently work with me.

Group Members

Senior Researchers
Natércia Brás (
Nuno Cerqueira (
Sérgio Sousa (

Hari Moorthy (
António Ribeiro (

PhD Students
João Coimbra (
Diogo Martins (
Sílvia Martins (
Cátia Moreira (
Rui Neves (
Eduardo Oliveira (
Óscar Passos (
Gaspar Pinto (
Ana Rita Silva (
Diana G. Silva (

Master Students
Anna Bondarenko (
 Rui Sousa (

Past Members (PhD/Post-Doc)

Ricardo  Branco
João Carneiro
Alexandra Carvalho
Daniel Dourado
Rui Fartaria
Rute Fonseca
Elsa Henriques
Fátima Lucas
Alexandra Marques
André Melo
Irina Moreira
Sara Moura
Vineet Pande
Susana Pereira
Marta Perez
Marco Preto
João Ribeiro
Hugo Santos
Bruno Tamames
Juan Tamames