The Master in Science Education and Communication aims at providing students with training enhancements around fundamental and current science topics, not only with the goal of strengthening Science Education, within a lifelong learning perspective, but also with the goal of developing the capacity to reflect analytically and critically on Science Communication to a wide variety of publics and by different means, with the goal to promote scientific culture.

More specifically the Master in Teaching and Dissemination of Sciences has the following objectives:

  1. To foment the advanced teachers training in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology and Mathematics, while contributing for the improvement of teaching practices in formal contexts, but also, to consolidate its action in non-formal contexts.
  2. To potentiate the development of science communication skills, training communicators for the dynamization of events and physical and/or virtual spaces of science communication, for public
  3. To promote the acquisition of new scientific knowledge and their technologic al applications, the usage of innovative methodologies and practices for science education and communication and the abilities of reflection and of critical spirit, in order to improve the education and communication of science.