The III Iberian Modelling Week will be a five-days-long workshop as follows:

  • On the first day, and after the students registration, each academic coordinator introduces the problem to solve. In the afternoon, participants will be distributed at working groups.

  • The next three days, students together with their coordinator, have to understand the problem sufficiently well to decide on the fundamental modelling approach (or possibly to try out more than one approach). After that, the real model will have to be developed and a solution method has to be devised and implemented.

  • On the last day, students and coordinators present their results to all other participants, as well as representatives from industrial partners. Finally, in the next month following the conclusion of the Modelling Week, each group will prepare a report on the assigned problem and its solution.

  • The reports will be collected in a document with the proceedings of the event and will be distributed to all participants.



    The 3IMW is supported by COST Action TD1409, Mathematics for Industry Network (MI-NET).


    The 3IMW is partially supported by the FCT Project UID/MAT/00144/2013 of CMUP.