Galeno: Supervisor system for DoA and NMB monitoring, identification and control.

This software platform is suitable for: Data acquisition, i.e. to collect data about infusion rates and physiological signals related with patient's anaesthesia state for the purpose of anaesthesia model improvement, model identification and validation. ; Personalized drug administration, i.e, to use the software platform to implement control algorithms whose descriptions are on previous items, and execute them in a laptop computer, in real time. That is, to automatically adjust the infusion rates of anaesthetic drugs using the information of patient's anaesthesia state. It turns out that GALENO platform must interact with syringe pumps and with DATEX, and must implement software communication functions using the proprietary data communication protocols of the syringe pumps and DATEX. The requirements of the software platform are, to be able to collect data at a 20s period for the neuromuscular blockade monitor and at a 5s period for the DoA signal, and be able to execute the identification strategies, the novel population model proposed and a variety of control algorithms developed within this framework. Nevertheless the requirements imposed by the sampling of the data collection may need a huge processing time that is not compatible with the available computing resources. Hence, a supervisory system should be implemented in order to drive the system throughout its global complexity. GALENO will be implemented using several computer languages, selected according to the requirements described above. Computer programming languages such as MALTAB/C/C++ or JAVA will be used. It will be implemented in a laptop computer, in the surgery room, to collect data and to perform real-time personalized infusion drug administration. This task is organized for the development of software platform communication layer; software platform data acquisition layer and for the real-time personalized drug delivery layer and field tests.

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Hippocrates: a robust system for the control of neuromuscular blockade

Development of an automatic system (software package Hippocrates) for the control of neuromuscular blockade by continuous infusion of the non-depolarising types of muscle relaxant drugs presently used in anaesthesia, namely atracurium, cisatracurium, vecuronium and rocuronium. Hippocrates incorporates control strategies based upon classical, adaptive and robust control, as well as a wide range of noise reduction techniques and on-line adaptation to patient-specific characteristics. Therefore, the system provides strong robustness to inter- and intra-individual variability of the patients responses or unexpected circumstances and adaptation to the individual requirements.
The control system is easy to set up and to use in a clinical environment. It consists of a portable PC computer, a Datex AS/3 NMT sensor and a B|Braun compact perfusion pump. In the simulation mode the software package incorporates sophisticated generation of pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic models driven by simulated drug administration regimes (bolus, continuous infusion and a combination of both).
Hippocrates is an advanced stand-alone application for the control of neuromuscular blockade with a friendly graphic interface. It has been extensively validated and it can be used on patients undergoing surgery as well as for simulation studies. Therefore Hipocrates also provides an excellent environment for education and training purposes.

Hippocrates: Sistema robusto para o controlo de bloqueio neuromoscular

Desenvolvimento de um sistema automático para o controlo do bloqueio neuromuscular por infusão contínua de relaxantes musculares em pacientes submetidos a anestesia geral. Hippocrates incorpora estratégias de controlo é fácil de implementar em ambiente clínico. Consiste num PC portátil que é ligado a um sensos NMB Datex AS5 e a uma bomba de perfusão (habitualmente exigentes nos blocos operatórios, em particular nos dos Hospital Geral de Santo António). No modo de simulação o software incorpora bancos de modelos farmacinéticos e farmacodinâmicos para os fármacos mais utilizados na prática clínica. Esta aplicação foi validada e tem vindo a ser extensivamente utilizada no bloco operatório em doentes submetidos a anestesia geral e em estudos de simulação.
Hippocrates é uma excelente ferramenta para ambiente educacional e de treino clínico.

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