Porto a world heritage city

Overlooking the Douro River, Porto is one of the most ancient European cities. It was born and developed from the northern bank of this river during the Middle Age. One of the most significant aspects of Porto and its historical centre is its landscape, combining harmony with the urban structure and presenting a frame of rare beauty. The city was classified as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996.
When discovering Porto, you will find many surprises. Besides its welcoming and conservative environment, Porto is also contemporary and artistic. This is shown not only in the streets, architecture, monuments and museums but also in the terraces, restaurants and leisure and shopping areas.

Tiara Atlantic

Tiara Park Atlantic Porto has 11 multipurpose rooms,  venues and complementary services of the hotel can meet the specific needs of every event.

The Poivron Rouge restaurant and bar  is an expression of the cosmopolitan nature of the hotel. Boasting a menu that combines regional dishes with international cuisine, this is the perfect place to discover a new and delicious dimension to the city of Porto. Enjoy the culinary delights and charming atmosphere of Tiara Park Atlantic Porto – an inviting, intimate hotel, offering delicious dishes and unique flavours

The comfort and elegance of the hotel is apparent in every corner of the guest rooms and suites. The stylish décor and the noble materials used for the furnishings create an atmosphere of peace, harmony and contentment – the perfect accommodation in the city of Porto. Discover the eternal soul of the city, its history and its cultural life at Tiara Park Atlantic Porto – an elegant oasis nestled in a privileged position in the heart of the busy urban centre. 

The venue

The XXIII International Congress on Sexual Plant Reproduction will take place in Porto at the Hotel Tiara Park Atlantic Porto situated near the center of Porto and easily accessible by public transportation. Address: Avenida da Boavista, 1466, Porto

Travelling to Porto

Portugal undersigned the Schengen agreement, and is therefore bound to the EU regulations of free circulation.

Porto is located 300 km of north of Lisbon well connected with all European capitals. All major airlines fly directly to Porto: British Airways, Iberia, Air France, Luft Hansa, Ryan Air, Air Berlim, LuxAir, among others. The national Airlines are TAP and PGA. Both have offices in most European capitals and offer direct flights to Porto. Most intercontinental flights to Portugal go directly to Lisbon. Additional connections via Lisbon are eased with a permanent air bridge between the two cities. The international airport of Porto is located 15 km away from the city center. There is a bus shuttle access to the city, as well as taxi and metro (subway).

Basically there are three ways to reach the city center:

  • Bus 601: bus stop - Boavista Casa da Música ou Boavista B. Sucesso for all the hotels near the Congress area, most in walking distance, some may need a taxi.
  • Metro: Line E: Aeroporto - Estádio do Dragão. Stop: Casa da Música for all the hotels near the Congress area.
  • Taxi: directly for the Hotel.

Porto climate

Porto offers a very mild climate year-round. Average air temperature in July 20-25 °C