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The XXIII Sexual Plant Reproduction Meeting invites you to attend the 2014 conference, held at Porto. This is a series of meetings that take place every two years, and are unique opportunities for hundreds of sexual plant reproduction enthusiasts from all over the world to get together. The theme of the congress is: Seeds for the future important when global demand and consumption of agricultural crops for food, feed, and fuel is increasing at a rapid pace. The application of genetic principles to improve cultivated plants is fundamental and new varieties can result only from improvements over the existing varieties in particular characteristics or in combinations of characteristics. The use of model plants to learn the fine points of seed production is essential to improve crop production.

A wide variety of topics are included in the program for the Porto meeting in 2014, flower development, male and female gametophyte development and function, pollination and fertilization mechanisms and self-incompatibility, meiosis, epigenetics, apomixis, seed and fruit development and plant reproduction for species conservation.
Enjoy an excellent scientific program together with the field’s foremost experts and the promising newcomers, all while immersed in the warm hospitality of the city.


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