Research Interests

A variety of topic in the fields of Digital Image Processing, Remote Sensing and Pattern Recognition, both from an algorithm development perspective as well as driven by specific applications.

Methods and Algorithms / Métodos e Algoritmos :
- Image Classification / Classificação de Imagem
- Image Segmentation / Segmentação de Imagem
- Image Registration, Geometric Corrections / Registo de Imagem, Correcções Geométricas
- Color Analysis and Visualization / Análise e Visualização de Cor

Applications (in Biology, Medicine, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences):
Aplicações (em Biologia, Medicina, Agricultura e Ciências do Ambiente):

- Computer-based Diagnosis system for Dermoscopic Images
- Information Extraction from Macro Array / Dot Blot Images
- Automatic pollen recognition and counting / Reconhecimento e contagem de polens
- Plant identification from digital images of Leaves / Reconhecimento de plantas
- Remote Sensing of Vegetations / Detecção Remota de Vegetação
- Water Sensitive Paper Analysis / Análise de Papeis Hidrosensíveis

Research Projects / Projetos de Investigação :

EVOXANT - Bacterial evolution beyond the cultured isolates - Xanthomonas arboricola pv. juglandis as a paradigm, TDC/BIA-EVF/3635/2014, Principal Investigator: Prof. Fernando Tavares, FCUP [2016-present].

ADDI - Automatic computer based Diagnosis system for Dermoscopy Images, PTDC/SAU-BEB/103471/2008. Principal Investigator: Prof. Teresa Mendonça, FCUP. [2010-2013]

LAMESAT XXI - Ancestral irrigation management on mountain seminatural meadows using remote sensing, PTDC/AGR-AAM/67182/2006. Principal Investigator: Prof. Mário Cunha, FCUP. [2006-2010]