Faculty of Science, University of Porto International Association of Geodesy  


Additional Useful Information

Internet access during GGSM2004

Limited internet access (a couple of terminals) will be available at the Conference site, just for web-browsing and to check your e-mail. A large number of terminals will be available for internet access at the Faculty of Sciences, DMA building (see map), room 0.34. The login and password for the computers will be given on an information sheet inside the Conference bag.

Splinter Meetings

Special Group Meetings will take place at the DMA building (see map), rooms 0.30 and 0.31. Each room has an overhead projector, computer and a datashow. At the time of the beginning of each meeting, a person will be available to give assistance about how to use the equipment.

Scheduled Meetings

Meeting Date Time Place
ICP 1.2 - Vertical Reference Frames August 31 17:30-19:30 DMA Room 0.31
IAG working groups "Satellite gravity theory" and "Inverse Problems" September 2 14:30-16:00 DMA room 0.31
IAG Study Group 2.2 September 2 19:00-20:30 DMA room 0.31
European Gravity and Geoid Project September 2 19:00-20:30 DMA Room 0.30

"Faculdade de Ciências"
H1 Hotel Le Meridien - Conference Site
H2 Hotel Portus Cale
H3 Hotel Fénix
H4 Hotel Tuela
F Faculty of Science - Departamento de Matemática Aplicada (DMA), Rua Campo Alegre, 695

Oral presentations

Authors of oral presentations should hand in their presentations to the local organizers well before the corresponding session. For morning sessions presentations should be given during the afternoon of the previous day. For afternoon sessions presentations should be given during the morning.

Presentations can be either in Microsoft Powerpoint or Acrobat. The operating system of the computer at the conference room is Windows XP. Authors can bring their presentations either on CDROM, USB memory stick or floppy disk.