I am current working in the following Projects:                                                                                                                                                       
                        1. Bifurcation of Projected Patterns:  It is a join work with Professor Isabel Labouriau and Professor Sofia de Castro.
                        Short Description: We work with Bifurcation and Crystallography Theory.
                                                       We want to describe a mathematical tool in order to understand the transition of 
dimensionality in Reaction-Diffusion systems in the Turing instability regime.
Period: We had started the project on my PhD studies. We are oppenly working on the topic.
                   2. Postdoctoral fellowship: It is an affiliated project to CIBIO-InBIO  from ICETA, Portugal, and  the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom,
                                                            under the supervision of Dr Gabriela Gomes

Short Description: "Modelling and inference for population and ecosystem health"

                                   Period: From April 17th to December 16, 2017