Phi in the Sky Welcome

The Quest for Cosmological Scalar Fields

Physics Department, University of Porto, 8-10 July 2004

The Centre of Physics of Porto is organizing a three-day workshop aiming to assess the possible role(s) of scalar fields in cosmology and astrophysics. It will be held at the Physics Department (Faculty of Sciences) of the University of Porto, from the 8th till the 10th of July 2004 (arrival day will be Wednesday 7th, and departure day will be Sunday 11th). There will be a series of review talks by invited speakers, plus short talks by the other participants, and plenty of space for informal discussion. The social programme will consist of a welcome reception on the arrival day, plus a workshop dinner on Friday 9th. The workshop will be limited to 70 participants.


This is in some sense a follow-up to our 'Extra Dimensions and Varying Constants' workshop in 2002, although the scope is now slightly broader. In particular, we also intend to take a closer look at models for dark energy and at tests for the behaviour of gravity on small and on large scales. In common with the previous meeting, the workshop will be interdisciplinary, bringing together a range of experts from string theory to observational astrophysics.