I’m an environmental scientist and an experienced analyst in an array of methodologies used in environmental assessment, which I have employed to focus on the impact of pollutants in aquatic and terrestrial environments.
I hold a PhD in Environmental Science, a MSc in Environmental Engineering and a BSc in BIology, all from the University of Porto, Portugal.
In my work I’ve collaborated with the Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnologies, University of California at Santa Barbara, in the USA, the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences, University of Stockholm, in Sweden, and the International Centre for Terrestrial Antarctic Research, University of Waikato, New Zealand.



On going projects

“NANOSED - Adsorption of metallic nanoparticles to estuarine sediments: what implication for denitrification?”

“NITROLIMIT - Life at the edge: define the boundaries of the nitrogen cycle in the extreme Antarctic environments”

Field work

Oceanographic campaigns


Science blogs

Science communication

▪ Involvement of stakeholders in scientific activities: the Ocean Sampling Day - MyOSD citizen initiative:

▪ Addressing policy makers: Emergent Marine Toxins in Europe: New Challenges for Scientists and Regulatory Authorities

▪ Outreach activities:

News in the media

You can reach me at
abaptista AT fc DOT up DOT pt