YERAC PROGRAM – 29th o f J u l y

08:30-09:15 Registration

09:15-09:30 Welcome

Session 1

09:30-10:50 & 11:20-12:40

Star Formation Regions

Paula Teixeira

Millimeter compact sources within the OMC1 filaments

Claudia Agliozzo

The rapid evolution of the protoplanetary nebula CRL 618

Yann Boehler

Simulation of sedimented disks viewed by ALMA

Guillermo Manjarrez

Ammonia in cluster AFGL437


Coffee Break

Gábor Marton

CO survey of ARCHEOPS cold cores

Marco Padovani

CCH in pre-stellar cores

Cécile Favre

Complex molecules in Orion-KL : Glycolaldehyde and Methyl Formate two C2H4O2 isomers

Session 1

General Discussion

12:40- 14:20


Session 2



Sabrina Milia

The Hight Time Resolution Universe Pulsar Survey

Darya Teplykh

Radio Emission from RRATs 1819-14 at Low Frequencies

Maciek Serylak

S2DFS: Analysis of temporal changes of drifting sub pulses

Malov Oleg

Spectra of millisecond pulsars in wide frequency range

Olga A.Moshkina

Giant pulses from the Crab Pulsar


Coffee Break

Session 3


ISM and Masers

Pawel Wolak

Polarization properties of OH masers in late-type stars and the structure of their envelopes

Maja Kazimierczak

The comparison of C2H and c-C3H2 lines in the interstellar clouds

Zoltan Makai

Observation of the atomic carbon isotopes in the M17 molecular cloud

Pablo Garcia

Giant Molecular Clouds and Massive Star Formation in the Southern Milky Way

Session 2+3

General Discussion

YERAC PROGRAM - 30th o f J u l y

Session 4


Instrumentation, Signal Processing and Simulations

Bas Creeze

LOFAR - Opening up a New Window on the Universe

Miguel Bergano

A 5 GHz Receiver for Radioastronomy

Rashmi Verna

Continuum calibration of K-band multi-feed receiver

Daal Ait allall

RFI mitigation in the context of pulsar coherent dispersion at the Nancay Radio Astronomical Observatory


Coffee Break

Session 5

11.00-12.20 &

Surveys & Observational Cosmology

Rui Fonseca

The 5 GHz Polarized Galactic Emission Mapping in Portugal

Egor Modin

The web-based system for the RATAN-600 solar microwave data analysis

Marta Alves

Diffuse RRL emission on the plane between l=36° to 44°

Shamil Mingaliev

Univiewer - utility for fast 3-D visualization of CMB maps in HEALPIx pixelization scheme


Coffee Break

Marta Silva

Fast semi-numerical simulations of the Epoch of Reionization

Magda Todorovic

A 33 GHz survey of the Galactic plane with the VSA


Free afternoon + social program

YERAC PROGRAM - 31st o f J u l y

Session 6

09:20-10:40 & 11:10-12:40

Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters

Pierre Gratier

The molecular interstellar medium of the local group galaxies NGC6822 and M33

Jose Ramon Gallego

Stars, gas and dust: assessing the fuel for star formation in nearby galaxies

Zheng Zheng

Galaxy Dynamics and Star formation

António Portas

THINGS, Giants and Dwarfs


Coffee Break

Annalisa Bonafede

Magnetic field in galaxy clusters

Daria Guidetti

Structure of the magneto-ionic media around the FR Class I radio galaxy 3C449

Valentina Vacca

The intracluster magnetic field power spectrum in Abell 665

Fabien Bateja

Size and resolution of the compact radio sources in ARP220

Session 6

General Discussion



Session 7

14:00-15:40 & 16:10-18.00

Active Galactic Nuclei

Faith Hungure

Milliarcsecond Scale Variability Of Southern AGN

Bogna Pazderska

Analysis of SENSE blazar sample

Margarida Khabibullina

Catalog of radiogalaxies with z>0.

Marios Karouzos

A multi-wavelength analysis of a statistically complete AGN sample

Moritz Boek

The TANAMI Program: Tracking Active Galactic Nuclei with Austral Milliarcsecond Interferometry


Coffee Break

Artur Erkenov

Morphology and variability of candidates in GPS-sources

Elisabetta Liuzzo

Parsec-scale properties of Brightest Cluster Galaxies

Andrea Reichstein

Parsec Scale Analysis of Spine+Sheath Structures in AGN Jets

Chin-Shin Chang

VLBI detection of the HST-1 feature in the M87 jet at 2 cm

Filomena Violino

Secrets of the gravitational lens MG J0414+053

Session 7

General Discussion


Closing of YERAC 2009