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Tuesday, 31 August:

Session 1: Gravity field modeling from satellite missions
Oral Part 1 - Chair: P. Visser

Speaker Title
8:30-9:00 B. Tapley,
J. Ries,
S. Bettadpur,
F. Condi,
R. Eanes,
B. Gunter,
Z. Kang,
P. Nagel
and S. Poole
The GGM 02 Earth Gravity Model

9:00-9:30 Ch. Reigber A Great Step Forward in Modeling the Earth's Global Gravity Field

9:30-10:00 C.M. Cox
and B.F. Chao
Time-Variable Gravity from Satellite Laser-Ranging: The Low-Degree Components and Their Connections with Geophysical/Climatic Changes

10:00-10:15 O.B. Andersen,
P. Berry,
S. Dreyer,
P. Knudsen
and R. Trimmer
Global gravity from retracked and reprocessed 2Hz ERS-1 Geodetic Mission altimetry

10:15-10:30 S. Kenyon
and N.K. Pavlis
Status and plans for geopotential model EGM05


Oral Part 2 - Chair: R. Haagmans

Speaker Title
11:00-11:15 P.N.A.M. Visser
and E.J.O. Schrama
Space-borne gravimetry: how to decouple the different gravity field constituents?

11:15-11:45 N. Sneeuw
and H. Schaub
Satellite clusters for next generation gravity field missions

11:45-12:00 T. Mayer-Guerr,
K.H. Ilk
and A. Eicker
A Global Gravity Field Model from Short Arcs of CHAMP with Regionally Adapted Refinements

12:00-12:15 H. Denker Improved European Geoid Models Based on CHAMP and GRACE Results

12:15-12:30 N.K. Pavlis,
S.A. Holmes,
S. Kenyon,
D. Schmidt
and R. Trimmer
Gravitational Potential Expansion to Degree 2160

12:30-12:45 J.P. Van Loon
and J. Kusche
Stochastic model validation of satellite gravity data: a test with 1 year of CHAMP data

12:45-13:00 C. Xu,
R. Tsoi
and N. Sneeuw
Analysis of J2 Perturbed Relative Orbits for Satellite Formation Flying


Oral Part 3 - Chair: P. Visser

Speaker Title
14:30-15:00 Th. Gruber,
R. Rummel
and R. Koop
The GOCE High Level Processing Facility

15:00-15:15 J. Bouman Quick-look outlier detection for GOCE gravity gradients

15:15-15:30 R. Pail,
W.-D. Shuh
and M. Wermuth
GOCE gravity field processing

15:30-15:45 F. Migliaccio,
M. Reguzzoni,
F. Sansň
and C.C. Tscherning
The performance of the space-wise approach to GOCE data analysis, when statistical homogenization is applied

15:45-16:00 M.A. Sharifi
and W. Keller
GRACE Gradiometer

16:00-16:15 Y.Yang
and T. Xu
An Adaptively Regularization Method with Application in Gravity Field Recovery by Using Satellite Orbit and Accelerometry Data

16:15-16:30 I. Panet,
O. Jamet,
M. Diament
and A. Chambodut
Modelling the Earth's gravity field using wavelets frames


Authors in attendance of posters for sessions 1 and 3

17:00 - 18:30
Posters for session 1
17:00 - 18:30
Label Authors Title
P1_1 M. Weigelt
and N. Sneeuw
Comparison of Energy Balance Approach and in-situ Acceleration Determination for CHAMP Gravity Recovery

P1_2 R. Pail GOCE Quick-Look Gravity Field Analysis

P1_3 G. Plank
and T. Badura
Combined SST and SGG GOCE Gravity Field Processing

P1_4 T. Badura,
R. Klostius,
Ch. Gruber
and Ch. Sakulin
CHAMP gravity field processing applying the energy integral approach

P1_5 D. Tsoulis,
C. Gruber
and N. Sneeuw
An independent method for the estimation of bias and scale parameters for the CHAMP accelerometer

P1_6 K.I. Wolf
and H. Denker
Upward Continuation of Ground Data for GOCE Calibration/Validation Purposes

P1_7 A. Eicker,
T. Mayer-Guerr
and K.H. Ilk
Global Gravity Field Solutions from GRACE SST Data and Regional Refinements by GOCE SGG Observations

P1_8 T. Mayer-Guerr,
K.H. Ilk,
M. Feuchtinger
and A. Eicker
A Global Gravity Field Model with Regional Zoom-in from GRACE Low-Low SST

P1_9 P. Nóvak
and E.W. Grafarend
Global gravity field modelling using GRACE observations

P1_10 Gy. Tóth
and L. Földváry
Effect of geopotential model errors on the projection of GOCE gradiometer observables

P1_11 H. Alkhatib
and W.-D. Schuh
A Monte Carlo method for the computing of large.scaled covariance matrices of iteratively and directly estimated gravity field parameters

P1_12 B. Kargoll
and W.-D. Schuh
Robust trend elimination for outlier analysis of GOCE mission data

P1_13 S.A. Holmes
and N.K. Pavlis
Efficient High-Degree Spherical Harmonic Analysis/Synthesis Without Underflows

P1_14 B. Metzler
and R. Pail
Spherical Cap Regularization Approach

P1_15 T. Preimesberger
and R. Pail
Detectability of systematic effects in GOCE-gradiometer measurements

P1_16 C. Siemens
and W.-D. Schuh
Joint Estimation of Gross Errors and Stochastic Signals of GOCE Mission Data

P1_17 B. Lackner Power Spectral Density estimation of GOCE satellite gravity gradiometry data

P1_18 J. Bouman,
M. Kern,
R. Koop,
R. Pail
and R. Haagmans
Comparison of outlier detection algorithms for GOCE gravity gradients

P1_19 C. Gruber,
R. Pail
and L. Földváry
The Impact of velocity derivation strategies on global geoid solutions based on the energy conservation principle

P1_20 W. Bosch Using GRACE Gravity Field Models to investigate Defectiveness of Altimetric Gravity Data

P1_21 J. Klokocnik,
J. Kostelecky
and P. Novak
On Future of Gravity Field Models Accuracy Assessments

P1_22 Th. Gruber
and J. Radanovic
Gravity Field Model Validation with GPS-Levelling Geoid Heights

P1_23 M. Kern
and R. Haagmans
Determination of gravity gradients from terrestrial gravity data for calibration and validation of gradiometric GOCE data

P1_24 E. Howe
and C.C. Tscherning
Gravity field model UCPH2004 from one year of CHAMP data using energy conservation

P1_25 G. S. Vergos,
I.N. Tziavos
and M.G. Sideris
A first validation of the new EGMs from CHAMP and GRACE and some notes on the combined adjustment of altimetric, gravimetric, QSST, TG and orthometric heights

P1_26 Gy. Tóth
and Sz. Rózsa
Comparison of CHAMP and GRACE geopotential models with terrestrail gravity field data in Hungary

P1_27 R. Kiamehr The Relative Accuracies of Recent Satellite Gravimetric Models in Iran

P1_28 P. Ditmar,
R. Klees,
V. Kuznetsov,
A. A. van Eck van der Sluijs,
E. Schrama,
and X. Liu.
Gravity Field Analysis with the Acceleration Approach on the Basis of Data from the CHAMP Satellite

P1_29 R. Biancale,
G. Balmino,
S. Bruinsma,
J.-M. Lemoine,
F. Perosanz,
N. Vales,
S. Loyer,
P. Exertier,
P. Berio
and O. Laurain
On the interest of combining SLR, CHAMP and GRACE data for gravity field modeling

17:00 - 18:30
Posters for session 3
17:00 - 18:30
P3_1 H. Denker,
J.-P. Barriot,
R. Barzaghi,
R. Forsberg,
J. Ihde,
A. Kenyeres,
U. Marti
and I.N. Tziavos
Status of the European Gravity and Geoid Project EGGP

P3_2 M.C.B. Lobianco,
C.A.C Castro Jr.
And D. Blitzkow
The last ten years of progress on the geoid in South America

P3_3 G. Fotopoulos,
I.N. Tziavos
and M.G. Sideris
On the incorporation of sea surface topography in establishing vertical control

P3_4 R. Forsberg,
G. Strykowski
and D. Solheim
NKG-2004 Geoid of the Nordic and Baltic Area

P3_5 G. Finn
and E.W. Grafarend
FINN2004: A New Model for the Finnisch Geoid

P3_6 M.J.E. Crombaghs NLGEO2004: a new geoid model for The Netherlands

P3_7 J. Krynski and A. Lyszkowicz New Results in Precise Geoid Modelling in Poland

P3_8 M. Mojzes, J. Janak and J. Papco New Gravimetric Model of Quasigeoid in Slovakia

P3_9 H. Jürgenson Estonian High Precision Geoid Model Est-Geoid2003

P3_10 C. Hirt
and B. Reese
High-Precision Astrogeodetic Determination of a Local Geoid Profile Using the Digital Zenith Camera System TZK2-D

P3_11 M. Vasconcelos
and H. Ribeiro
Astrogeodetic Geoid Model of Portugal Mainland - Integration of New Observations

P3_12 U. Marti High Precision combined geoid determination in Switzerland

P3_13 O.C.D. Omang,
D. Solheim
and R. Forsberg
New geoid models based on new airbonre gravity data and adjusted marine gravity data

P3_14 C.S. Chen
and H.C. Liu
A Study on the Determination of the Best Taiwan Geoid Model using Gravity Method

P3_15 R.V. Komarov, R.A. Kascheev and R.V. Zagretdinov Geoid determination by GPS/Levelling method in the Republic of Tatarstan

P3_16 F. Coren,
P. Sterzai,
A. Capra
and G. Bitelli
Local gravimetric geoid determination in Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica)

P3_17 M. Berrocoso,
J.M. Enríquez-Salamanca,
Y. Jiménez,
A. Fernández-Ros,
C. Torrecillas,
M.E. Ramírez,
M.J. González-Fuentes,
A. Pérez-Pena,
R. Páez, M. Tárraga,
A. García-García,
F. García-García,
R. Soto
Determination of an experimental geoid for Deception Island

P3_18 J. Mueller,
R. Dietrich,
M. Scheinert
and M. Wiehl
About the role of subglacial topography on geoid determination from Airborne Gravimetry in Antarctica

P3_20 G. Rodríguez-Caderot,
C. Lacy,
M.J. Borque
and A.J. Gil
Gravimetric Geoid in the Bajo Segura Basin (Eastern Betic Cordillera, Spain) and its Geophysical Interpretations)

P3_21 S.F. De Souza
and N.C. De Sá
A Gravimetric Geoid in Săo Paulo State (Brazil): Compuation and Evaluation Using GPS and Levelling Data

P3_22 D. Goldani,
F.H.S. Magro,
R.S. Genro
and R. Salomoni
Determination of a Local Geoid Model for the City of Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

P3_23 M. C. L. Quintas,
D. Goldani,
R. S. Genro
A High Precision Geoidal Model for Paraná State, South of Brazil

P3_24 J. Faure,
F.D. Barbato,
R.P. Rodino
GPS levelling in Montevideo, Uruguay

P3_25 O. Al-Bayari Preliminary Study of the Local Geoid in Jordan

P3_26 B. Erol
and R.N. Çelik
Precise Geoid Modeling in Local Areas Using GPS/Levelling Data and Software Development for Practical Geodetic Applications

P3_27 S. Kahlouche,
M. Haddad,
A. Rami,
S.A. Benahmed Daho
Altimetric geoid determination from Topex data (cycles 365 and 366) on the Mediterranean basin

P3_28 H. Nahavandchi
and A. Soltanpour
Impact of the New GRACE Global Geopotential Model to the Geoidal Height Modeling over Norway

P3_29 H. Nahavandchi
and A. Soltanpour
A New Gravimetric Geoidal Height Model over Norway Computed by the Least-Squares Modification Parameters

P3_30 H. Nahavandchi
and A. Soltanpour
Adjustment of the Surface of the Gravimetric Geoidal Height Model betweeen Constrained GPS-Levelling Stations

P3_31 D.I. Lysaker,
O. Omang
and D. Solheim
The influence of postglacial rebound on the geoid derived from GPS/levelling

P3_32 C. Hirt,
B. Reese
and H. Enslin
On the Accuracy of Vertical Deflection Measurments Using the High-Precision Digital Zenith Camera System TZK2-D

P3_33 B. Bürki,
A. Müller
and H.-G. Kahle
DIADEM: The New Digital Astronomical Deflection Measuering System for High-precision Measurements of Deflections of the Vertical at ETH Zürich

P3_34 L. Völgyesi,
Gy. Popper
and B. Paláncz
Application of adjustment via Mathematica for deflection of the vertical determination

P3_35 M. Véronneau
and J.L. Huang
Modernization of the Height System in Canada: Progress and Challenges

P3_36 C. Tocho,
G.S. Vergos
and M.G. Sideris
A new marine geoid model for Argentina combining altimetry, shipborne gravity data and CHAMP/GRACE-type EGM's

P3_38 M. Giménez,
I. Colomina,
J.J. Rosales,
M. Wis and C.C. Tscherning
TERRA: A feasibility study on local geoid determination in Bolivia through strapdown ineratial airborne gravimetry

P3_39 A.R. Tierra,
S.R.C. De Freitas
Artificial Neural Network: A Powerful Tool for Predicting Gravity Anomaly from Sparse Data

P3_40 T.K. Yeh, C.S. Chen, F.L. Tsai and C.W. Lee Study on the Relation between the Quality of GPS Data and the Precision of Positioning

P3_41 W.-C. Hung,
C.-H. Liu
and S. Ouyang
GPS Monitoring for Ground Subsidence in Middle West Taiwan