The Day of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP) aims at strengthening the unity and synergy among the various members of its broad community – students, personnel, teaching staff and researchers, as well as with FCUP’s partner institutions at the University of Porto and with other key institutions within our society.

The Day of FCUP 2020 is an important part of the commencement activities of the 2020-2021 academic year, providing an opportunity to salute all new students who chose FCUP as their Alma Matter, as well as students who have excelled in their academic performances throughout the previous academic year. This is also an occasion to pay homage to personnel and teaching staff for their contributions to the success and prestige of FCUP.

To celebrate its 109th Anniversary, FCUP will embrace the motto “Science: understand more to fear less” – inspired by Marie Curie – to ponder on its strategies, which in the light of the present societal and scientific challenges aim at not only strengthening FCUP’s standing as a leading institution in higher education, research and innovation in Exact & Natural Sciences and in Computer Science, but also as an institution with a strong sense of social responsibility, and with an increasingly active role in a more and more informed and fair society that also promotes sustainable development.

The Guest Speaker will be Sandrine Lacombe, Professor and Vice-dean of the University of Paris-Saclay, coordinator of the European Consortium Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH), where U.Porto is partner, and Director of one of FCUP’s international Master’s Programme – Erasmus Mundus SERP+, 3rd edition.

Ana Cristina Freire

Dean of FCUP