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CIQUP - Research Center in Chemistry (Centro de Investigação em Química da Universidade do Porto) Promoting Collaboration, sharing and reflection between members and collaborators.


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NOV 16 VII Encontro da Divisão de Ensino e Divulgação da Química Público · Evento criado por Sociedade Portuguesa de Química

EMBO Practical_2018

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ARBRE is co-organizing the 3rd edition of the EMBO Practical course Biomolecular interaction analysis: from molecules to cells, that runs every other year in Porto at the Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (i3S). The 2018 edition is taking place from October 29 until November 3. Applications are open until June 20, 2018 at

COST Action CA15126

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Molecular-scale biophysics is a dynamic and ever-expanding interdisciplinary field that aims to study biological macromolecules and assemblies as a whole, at an intermediate level between atomic-resolution structural descriptions and cellular-level observations (“Between Atom and Cell”), with significant applications in biomedicine and drug discovery. The MOBIEU Action aims to seed a large-scale pan-European interdisciplinary synergistic clustering, allowing to ally and synergize the power of spectroscopic, hydrodynamic, real-time microfluidic, thermodynamic and single-molecule approaches.