Organic Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds

There are three main research areas in this research line:

The Peptide Chemistry research team is engaged in highly interdisciplinary projects, involving from [pro]drug design and drug delivery to new biomaterials and biomedical engineering, where amino acids and peptides always have a role. The development of novel approaches against infectious and tropical neglected diseases is our major goal. More detailed information in

The Organic Synthesis research group is engaged in various projects, ranging from the synthesis of compounds potentially active against neurodegenerative diseases (prolinemimetic tripeptides and analogues of rasagiline) to the synthesis of compounds with potential anti-viral and antineoplastic activity (homoazanucleosides). The design and synthesis of novel amino acid based surfactants, intended to be used for drug delivery and transfection, is yet another of our ambitious projects.

The Medicinal and (Bio)Environmental Chemistry research team is engaged in interdisciplinary projects, involving synthesis and analysis of bioactive compounds with industrial application and development of products, processes and services. Nanotechnology and nanomedicine applications are up-to-date a complementary landscape since they poised to revolutionize the topics under research. All the studies are supported by chemo and pharmainformatics area that is a supportive branch to achieve the overall goals. More detailed information in