Chemometric Research of Chemical, Environmental, Forensic and Biological Systems

This research line of CIQ-UP has as objective the development and/or application of chemometric methods, or chemical methodologies developed under a chemometric approach, to the study and comprehension of chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, forensic and environmental systems.

The current main scientific research areas are:

  1. synthesis of new semiconductor nanomaterials and their analytical and bioanalytical applications;
  2. synthesis of new carbon and silicon nanomaterials and their analytical and bioanalytical applications;
  3. ATP dependent luciferases – study of the mechanism, modulation of activity and bioanalytical methodologies;
  4. dissolved organic matter in environmental systems;
  5. disinfection by-products formation from the chlorination of natural organic matter and xenobiotic substances;
  6. chemometric classification methodologies;
  7. multiway chemometric calibration techniques;
  8. development of optical sensors for the determination of reactive oxygen (ROS) and nitrogen (RNS);
  9. development of fiber optic based sensors;
  10. forensic investigation of post mortem adipocera formation in soils;
  11. new fluorescent materials for fingerprinting detection;
  12. detection and environmental fate of fire and explosives generated substances.