This multidisciplinary project joins medical doctors from the Pedro Hispano Hospital and academic researchers from different fields of Engineering and Mathematics from the University of Porto, University of Aveiro and Instituto Superior Técnico.

The driving force for this research proposal was the several years of experience in dermoscopy, tele-dermoscopy and telemedicine at the HPH Service of Dermatology, and the lack of an efficient automatic image analysis system for dermoscopic images.

  • ADDI research team
  • ADPNAutomatic Detection of Pigment Network
  • DerMATDermoscopic images Manual Annotation Tool
  • Dermoscopic images database
  • QADIQuantitative Assessment of Dermoscopic Images
  • Automatic segmentation
ADDI research team1 ADPN2 DerMAT3 Dermoscopic images database4 QADI5 Automatic segmentation6