Inês Lourenço Cabral

Inês Cabral has a BSc in Biology and a MSc in Biological Aquatic Resources and in Agricultural Engineering from Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto (FCUP). From 2018 to 2020 joined the European Project “VISCA – Vineyards’ Integrated Smart Climate Application” (, which aimed to create a tool to help farmers decision-making, based on forecasts to short, medium, and long term. Inês is currently working on her PhD thesis in Agricultural Sciences at FCUP, which focuses on understanding the effect of irrigation on vigor, quality and yield in the vineyard. In addition, through a recent technique on intervention in the vineyard that will change the maturation of the clusters for cooler months of the year, the objective will be to understand how this technique will affect the yield and quality, as well as the physiology of the plant in general and the impact of this management on key metabolites of berries and shoots.