Holographic methods for strongly coupled systems
HoloGrav Network

The HoloGrav network involves 13 Member Countries. Researchers from these countries who work on gauge/gravity duality may apply for funding following the instructions on this webpage.

The network also involves 12 Associated Countries, who may receive support to participate in the network activities. Researchers from these countries wishing to participate should contact their country representative.

The network is coordinated by Nick Evans (Chair) from University of Southampton and by Zoltan Bajnok from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Miguel Costa from Porto University and Johanna Erdmenger from the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich. For any question regarding the network please email your country coordinator.

The list of Member Countries and corresponding members of the Steering Committee, as well as the Associated Countries and corresponding representatives is given bellow.

Member Countries and Steering Committee

Belgium (Antoine Van Proeyen - KU Leuven)
Denmark (Niels Obers - Niels Bohr Institute, U Copenhagen)
Finland (Keijo Kajantie - Helsinki Institute of Physics, U Helsinki)
France (Vladimir Kazakov - LPTENS, Paris)
Germany (Johanna Erdmenger - Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich)
Hungary (Zoltan Bajnok - RIPNP, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Iceland (Larus Thorlacius - U Iceland, Science Institute)
Italy (Massimo Bianchi - U Rome Tor Vergata)
Portugal (Miguel Costa - Faculty of Sciences, U Porto)
Sweden (Joseph Minahan - Uppsala U)
Switzerland (Urs Wiedemann - CERN)
The Netherlands (Erik Verlinde - U Amsterdam)
UK (Nick Evans - U Southampton)

Associated Countries and Representatives

Canada (Robert Myers - Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Cyprus (Nikolaos Toumbas - Cyprus U)
Greece (Elias Kiritsis - U Crete)
India (Rajesh Gopakumar - HRI, Allahabad)
Ireland (Sergey Frolov - Trinity College, Dublin)
Israel (Yaron Oz - Tel-Aviv U)
Japan (Koji Hashimoto - RIKEN)
Poland (Romuald Janik - Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian U)
Korea (Piljin Yi - Korean Institute for Advanced Study)
Russia (Lev Lipatov - St. Petersburg, INP)
Spain (Javier Mas - U Santiago de Compostela)
US (Derek Teaney - SUNY, Stony Brook)


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